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It was from our desire to better educate the Front Range Angler that we first added fly tyers to the Fly Fishing Rendezvous in 2015, and the Fly Tyer Row and Theater has today become one of the core attractions of the show. We want to have tyers join us who share our passion for engaging anglers of all levels and helping them to advance their skills on the vice.

What We Provide:

  • A table on which to tie and sell flies, books, and instructional material
  • A public platform to highlight your craft and companies in front of thousands of Front Range Anglers
  • A Fly Tying Theater where you can tie on a big screen and share your favorite patterns
  • Lunch from the concessions each day and a cooler of beverages
  • A page on the website featuring each tyer with inbound links to your business pages
  • Marketing materials and discount codes for you to share with your followers
  • A small waterproof fly box for the Trout Unlimited/Project Healing Waters Raffle

What We Ask From our Tyers:

  • Have a great time!  Tie flies at your table & answer questions from the crowd
  • Present in the Fly Tying Theater once a day for 30-45 minutes
  • Donate some item or service of your choosing to go in the Trout Unlimited / Project Healing Water Raffle
  • Invite your friends and followers to join us at the show

If you would like to join us and tie at the 2019 Fly Fishing Rendezvous on May 4th & 5th, please fill out the application below.


*Please note by registering this does guarantee a place at the event.


Special thanks to our Past Fly Tyer Theater sponsors


The Fly Fishing Rendezvous and its vendors, tyers, and speakers are about more than just fly fishing.  We are committed to supporting both Colorado Trout Unlimited and Project Healing Waters with a portion of the event proceeds, silent auctions, and raffles held at the event.