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This company started as a chance meeting between a long time fly fishing guide and published fly tyer (who has tied on tons of vises and taught many fly tying courses) and an engineer who was working on developing a fly tying vise of his own. We began working closely together, collaborating on ideas to revolutionize the fly tying vise and developed an exciting, innovative, and feature-filled fly tying vise… The Predator.

My name is KJ Evans. I am a long time fly fisherman. Fly fishing has saved me over and over again and helped me overcome the effects of a traumatic brain injury (“”TBI””)(severe frontal lobe damage). My family and I, along with our extremely talented engineer, Chris Klumper, who is engineering the Predator Vise and other products we are developing, have started this company to bring innovation and exceptional products to the fly fishing and tying industry.

Also, through our recently filed non-profit Colorado corporation, Force of Hope, Inc. (a/k/a Flies for TBIs) we are on a mission to help disabled U.S. Military Veterans (“”Vets””), who, like me, suffer from TBIs. Because we know how devastating and hopeless a life dealing with a TBI is, we want to help these Vets (and their families) through innovative and unique programs that may supplement their income and/or give them an opportunity at a new career. It is also our goal to help get our vise into the hands of as many of these Vets as possible. After years of struggle my family and I have endured as a result of my TBI, we feel it is not only our passion but our duty to help others enduring similar difficulties.

You can read more about our story on our website.

Product Description
We sell the Predator Fly Tying Vise and Accessories. The Predator is the most beefcake, innovative, exciting new vise in years. Standing a foot high with a 5/8″” post, it floors most other vises in stature, and its adjustability is paralleled by no other vise on the market. This vise can handle flies from huge streamers to tiny dry flies, so its perfect for the saltwater and freshwater fly tyer. It comes standard with both an angle and a straight jaw and can easily be adjusted for left and right-handed tiers. The cam is fully adjustable and rotates 360 degrees horizontally around and up and down the vertical post of the vise. The cam itself also rotates vertically 360 degrees to allow for easy parachute tying. Never tie a tilted fly again… (user error excluded) this vise boasts center-line markings at every 90 degrees helping you tie in your wings or wing cases as well as gluing on eyes for streamers with a point of reference.

The jaw plate allows the tier to adjust jaws up and down to find perfect rotary for any hook size. The pedestal of the vise has metric and standard measurements for ease of measuring materials and files as you tie. There is a rare earth magnet embedded in the base, which attracts hooks, tools, and anything else with magnetic qualities. The pedestal also features a work caddy, i.e. holes with rubber inserts (to protect the tips of your tools) to hold your tools while tying. The vise also includes what we call a backsnatch, which is a bobbin rest, gallows tool, and third hand, which is attached to an approximately foot-long, fully adjustable modular hose that rotates 360 degrees around and up and down the vertical post of the vise. The materials we are using are state of the art, top notch materials, and our vise is 100% U.S. designed, made, and, manufactured.

We also sell separately, in a 5/8″” size for use with the predator vise or in a 3/8″” size for use with other vises, two exciting, innovative new accessories.

First, we have the Flex Arm Pro Tyer Light, which is a 64 LED Luminous, which is powered by either 110 volt wall plug in or 4 AA batteries. The light itself features a dimmer switch to get perfect lighting for your eyes while tying and for photographing or videotaping your flies. It is attached to the top of your vise via a fully adjustable approximately foot-long American-made modular hose, which allows the light to be placed almost anywhere the tier wishes.

Second, we have the Flex Arm Smart Phone Attachment, which acts as a profiler, magnifier, video camera, camera, etc.., i.e. pretty much anything your smart phone can do. The universal smart phone attachment, which you attach your smart phone to, is connected to the top of your vise via a fully adjustable, approximately foot-long American-made modular hose, which allows the tier to place their smart phone almost anywhere the tier wishes. A free app that is easily downloaded to your smart phone allows the tier to use their smart phone as a profiler with endless colors.

We also have a clamp model soon to be released and several other new and exciting fly tying accessories, tools, and groundbreaking reels.