Gritty Angler


I am an avid outdoorsman. My love for the outdoors began at young age in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta, Canada. As a youth I spent a lot of time in the mountains with my grandfather on horseback spotting for big game, fishing remote lakes, and breaking in young horses. I attended college in Idaho where I spent more time than I should have fishing the beautiful Snake River. Today I’m blessed to call the rugged Wasatch Mountains in Utah home, where I hunt and fish as much as possible. I love sharing my passion for the outdoors with my beautiful wife and children, and through the Gritty Angler Podcast.

I feel blessed to be in an industry that I am passionate about. I hope to see you on the water and in the hills!”

Product Description:
We have a passion for fishing, hunting, outdoor and backcountry adventure, which we explore on the Gritty Angler Podcast