Lamson Waterworks


This brand will be represented and sold by Minturn Anglers”.

Leaders in design and manufacture of premium fly fishing reels. Designed, manufactured & precision assembled in Idaho.

Product Description:
Waterworks-Lamson is not a typical fly fishing company. We are C1 Design Group, and our core expertise is in product design. We innovate, invent, design and engineer. Our roots trace back to the bicycle industry where we designed one of the first clipless pedal systems and helped create suspension systems that would perform at the cutting edge in all conditions and on all terrains. In 1995 we turned our attention to fly fishing reels. At the time, reels were complicated; using many parts; drag systems and other running parts were exposed to the elements; reels were too heavy. We began with a blank sheet of paper, and undertook a total re-think of the fly reel.