Marty Bartholomew

Marty Bartholomew


Marty is a true native of Colorado and has lived in the Denver area all my life. He has been chasing trout for as long as he can remember, catching them on a fly rod for the last 35 years. “My fly fishing life changed in 1997 when he got “the phone call” from the publisher of Wilderness Adventure Press. After two years of scrambling around Colorado’s water drainages, he authored the title Flyfisher’s Guide to Colorado, instantly becoming an outdoor writer. (I could hear my high school English teacher roll over in his grave the day I got my first case of books delivered to my house!!) I followed the book up with a DVD titled Fly Fishing Colorado’s Major 6. I completed my second book in 2006 titled Tying Flies Like a Pro. Followed by Great Place’s Colorado, this full-color book covers outdoor recreation in Colorado specifically wildlife viewing, birding, and travel. I live in Aurora with my wife Ann and have two children, Vanessa and Cole.

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The Joy of Fly Fishing Colorado

05 May 2019
2:30PM - 3:30PM
Speakers Theater