Outdoor Element


Outdoor Element is a Colorado company (South Denver). In October 2017 OE founder M. Mojica quit the day job as an engineer in aerospace and is currently chasing the American Dream! We encourage all to discover the great outdoors and explore with confidence as they equip themselves with Outdoor Element product. We design, manufacture, and sell adventure and survival gear. We love the outdoors; it’s in our veins.

Product Description:
The firebiner is a stainless-steel 1-ounce fire-starting carabiner multi-tool. It is rated for 100 pounds of gear and includes the following features: Screwdriver tip, bottle opener, small utility blade for fishing line, hang slots for keys, replaceable ferro rods, and an EverSpark Wheel. The firebiner comes in 4 different colors: Black Forest, Blue River, Silverthorne & Aurora (multi-color).