Peter Stitcher


Peter Stitcher is an Aquatic Biologist and the CFG (Chief Fly Geek) at Ascent Fly Fishing and River Oracle Inc. As a biologist, Peter continues to work in the assessment, restoration, and management of trophy trout waters across the Western US. Approaching the sport of fly fishing through the lens of a biologist, Peter strives to break down the sciences of entomology, fish feeding behavior, stream dynamics, and fish habitat use in order to equip the fly angler with an insider’s knowledge, helping them to think like a fish, and fish like a pro. Specializing in the creation of Biologist Crafted Fly Selections specific to the trout foods and their life-cycles, Ascent Fly Fishing takes the guesswork out of what the fish are eating when and where you fish.

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How to Match the Hatch in 2 Minutes

04 May 2019
2:30PM - 3:30PM
Speakers Theater