Phil Iwane

Phil Iwane


Fly tying and fly fishing is a passion that I love to share with people of a like passion. Being artistic by nature, I view each fly I tie as a piece of art. Fly tying and fly fishing is a Zen-like experience. Nothing is so rewarding as tying your own flies, selecting the correct fly for the water and conditions that you are fishing, presenting your fly, watching the fish take it, fighting it, landing it and then releasing it.

As a fly tier, I have tied hundreds of patterns but now have narrowed it down to flies that catch fish. Umpqua Feather Merchants have selected my Iwan-e-Dun Parachute and Thorax extended body mayfly series and I will be showing you how to tie it. I am also an Ambassador of the Whiting Farms Fly Tying Hackle who I believe provide the finest hackle in the fly tying industry.

I have tied at The Fly Fishing Show, International Sportsman Exposition, Orvis Events, Fly Fishing Rendezvous, St. Vrain Anglers Trout Unlimited Fly Tying Expo as well as Charlie’s Fly Box, St. Peter’s Fly Shop, Front Range Anglers, Elkhorn Rods and Reels, and the Laughing Grizzly Fly Shop. I also support Project Healing Waters who use fly fishing to rehabilitate our disabled veterans.

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My Iwan-e-Dun Extended Body Mayfly Pattern

04 May 2019
3:30PM - 4:30PM
Fly Tyers Theater