Steve Maldonado

Steve Maldonado


My Father taught me how to Hunt and Fish and I started when I was very young. Because of this involvement with me and teaching me about the outdoors I love to fish and hunt. This love for fishing lead me to Bass Fishing were I fished on the Budlight and Bass Champs trail for many years. I still love conventional Bass Fishing but went back to fly fishing again. I love fly fishing just like Bass Fishing because there is so much technique involved in being a successful fly Fisherman. I have taken my knowledge of Bass Fishing “which a lot of it is being able to really read the water”. And pursued Fly Fishing with the same passion, as where one is always learning something new I like the challenge as it keeps me constantly trying to improve my game. I believe also that tying my own flies helps me be a little more in touch and make me more interested in entomology and what is going on underwater and trying match my flies as close as I possibly can. My initial flies were for Bass and Pike. Now my focus is on trout flies as now that I predominantly fish rivers, with Big Streamers for Big Trout is what I like to tie. In the last several years I have really focused on my fly tying. Many of my closest friends are well know tyers that tie at all the events and are authors and give seminars all over and they have encouraged me to get into the game with them in the fly tying world. I have now tied at The Fly Fishing Show, West Denver Fly Tying Clinic, International Sportsman’s Expo, Orvis Fly Tying Fanatics Fest, St Vrain Fly Tying Expo, demos at Front Range Anglers and Elkhorn Flyshop as well as the Sow Bug Round-Up in Cotter Arkansas on the White River. I have found it very rewarding sharing my patterns and techniques with other people and sharing my knowledge of fishing.

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Strategy and Techniques for Bass

05 May 2019
11:30AM - 12:30PM
Fly Tyers Theater