Zen Tenkara


Zen Tenkara, since it’s inception in 2012, has been pushing the boundaries of tenkara and offering cutting edge rods that not only offer a traditional tenkara experience, but also are designed to target large, powerful fish, untraditional to the method. Zen’s reputation in the industry is of revolutionizing this ancient method of fly fishing and developing a “fusion” of traditional fly fishing with tenkara fixed-line methods. Zen is known for “” defining American tenkara”” and changing the way people think of this ancient Japanese method.
Now in approximately 15 retail stores and chains, as well as lodges in Patagonia, Alaska and Mexico, Zen is training guides in lodges to offer unique tenkara experiences at global destinations and targeting exciting and exotic species on their rods.

Product Description:
Zen Tenkara designs, manufactures and sell Tenkara Rods, Lines, Gear and Accessories. We focus our attention on high performance, American-made products and cutting edge applications. We are constantly pushing boundaries and striving to “define American tenkara” by being innovative, creative and fearless.